Al-Enezee Legal Counsel in Association with Ekp

“The Al Enezee team is professional and hardworking in terms of substance and form,” says one interviewee, while another client enthused: “EKP is one of the best law firms we have dealt with.” We offer support, knowledge and advice tailored to the needs of our clients and the dynamics of the regional markets in which they operate. We are committed to working with our clients across the Middle East region in a variety of sectors in different practice areas to maximize our clients` experience with the firm. “I work mainly with Mr. Hadi Melki (who divides his time between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia) and his team. He is an excellent lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of the technology, telecommunications and media industries. He is very familiar with all the laws that are enforced. EKP`s expertise covers the following key areas: EKP`s experienced team of in-house and M&A lawyers understands the intricacies of doing business in local jurisdictions and can easily identify potential risks, recommend ways to deal with them, and complete transaction documentation accordingly. This includes advising local and foreign investors on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate structuring and development, from negotiation to completion. EKP also advises on all forms of contracts and commercial agreements to support the day-to-day and strategic business activities of its clients. EKP has extensive experience working with key players in a variety of business areas. For example, EKP advised Gulf Union Cooperative Insurance Company on its proposed merger with Ahlia Cooperative Insurance Company, the first merger between two insurance companies listed on the Saudi market, and now advises Walaa Cooperative Insurance Company on its merger with Metlife AIG ANB, as this is the second such merger in this market; In addition, EKP is currently advising the Middle East Financial Investment Company (MEFIC) on the acquisition of a group of healthcare companies in Saudi Arabia. EKP is one of the few regional companies with hands-on experience in projects in the Middle East and advises government agencies and project promoters on limited or non-regressive financing projects. EKP is the first choice for PPP projects with more than 30 completed or ongoing projects totaling more than $35 billion.

EKP`s project expertise spans a variety of sectors, including urban development, social infrastructure, healthcare, water and energy, transport, waste-to-energy, ports and telecommunications. Al Enezee, in collaboration with EKP, has an experienced team that advises on the full range of corporate and business matters in Saudi Arabia. The company represents clients in a variety of industries, including insurance, construction and financial services. He also offers a comprehensive understanding of corporate governance and structuring issues and is also experienced in advising on distribution and franchise agreements. We are your strategic partner that transforms legal complexities into important solutions that make a difference. With offices in Beirut, Dubai and Riyadh, EKP has been serving the Middle East for over 15 years, combining best practices with deep expertise in local Middle Eastern markets. Real Estate and Construction: The real estate sector in the Middle East has proven to be an interesting area of investment. However, the reward does not protect the inherent risks and challenges. For this reason, local knowledge and expertise in relevant areas of law is essential. EKP`s lawyers have extensive local experience, consolidated by years of international practice, and have been instrumental in numerous real estate finance, private equity and development transactions in the Middle East. Family business, asset management and succession planning: EKP helps you structure your assets and ownership to ensure security, longevity, financial stability, and governance and succession issues for family businesses. The team advises on all family law matters, including marriage and marriage/late marriage contracts, divorce, custody, abduction and resettlement, maintenance, surrogacy and settlement arrangements.

EKP has been actively involved in heritage development, be it Sharia or other succession planning throughout the region. For example, EKP advised a family group of companies consisting of 21 companies on the Group`s restructuring, succession planning and governance program; and supported a large group of family businesses in the restructuring and corporate governance of the group, which consisted of 36 business units covering various activities. EKP is pleased to announce that Jeff Greene has been appointed a partner of the Company effective September 1, 2022. Jeff is an outstanding advisor in corporate law, venture capital and mergers and acquisitions and is a perfect fit for the growth and positioning of our firm as a full-service law firm in the Middle East. All the way Jeff! Legislation and Governments: EKP has significant experience in regulatory and policy projects and regularly contributes to the development and drafting of laws, regulations and policies throughout the Middle East region. Participation includes the implementation of a baseline gap analysis to assess the current legal and regulatory situation; carry out local, regional and international benchmarking to identify best practices and measures to be taken into account; Advice on local laws and regulations, contact stakeholders to better understand the practical aspects of the existing baseline. For example, the ECP recently advised the Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) on the updating and adoption of a national spatial planning strategy and the publication of a new urban planning law, including the evaluation of the various laws, regulations and practices that currently make up the Saudi planning system, the conduct of an international comparative analysis of best practices and the analysis of strategies and planning measures, which are necessary for the kingdom to achieve the objectives. Vision 2030 and international congresses. Projects and Regulation: EKP is one of the few regional companies with practical experience in projects in the Middle East, advising public procurement agencies and project promoters on limited or non-regressive financing projects. EKP is the first choice for PPP projects with more than 15 projects executed or ongoing worth more than $35 billion.

EKP accompanies you throughout the life cycle of the project, from the first quote to operation and delivery. EKP`s expertise in project implementation covers various sectors, including urban development, social infrastructure, healthcare, water and energy, transport, waste-to-energy and telecommunications. For example, the ECP advised a Lebanese municipality on the assessment of legal feasibility, the design of the contractual and commercial structure and the raising of €300 million. U.S. dollar waste incineration plant in an urban area, which must be operated in accordance with European technical and environmental standards and on the basis of a DBFOT contract and an electricity purchase agreement for the sale of the energy produced to the Lebanese government; EKP has also advised a GCC-PPP unit on more than 10 projects covering various sectors, including energy, renewable energy, water, waste and social infrastructure. The EKP team advises on all family law matters, including marriage and marriage/marriage/night marriage/marriage contracts, divorce, custody, abduction and resettlement, alimony, surrogacy and settlement arrangements.