Attestation Vs Legalization

For those who are interested in this issue, below we explain the difference between legalization and legalization and the procedures followed in the UAE to facilitate your investment and work in the target country. In addition, the article gives a general idea of the use of foreign documents outside the country. Here we explain the difference between certification and legalization and the applicability of the “apostille stamp” in the United Arab Emirates. For more information about the notary in the emirate of Dubai and also to check the validity of legalizations, you can visit the same website. The notary`s seal must be affixed to the document and a serial number to facilitate the verification and retrieval of original copies and to revoke powers of attorney, powers of attorney or documents. The certification of the document only adds an official image in front of the state and official authorities. However, certification does not imply the validity of the transaction or legal action, as the contract may be invalid and the power of attorney may be illegal, but will be attested by a notary. Certification or legalization or apostille is a procedure for certifying documents by the designated authority of the country of origin so that the legal system of a foreign host country can recognize them. The process of certification/legalization of documents depends on the type of document, the place of issue and the country of travel. Documents that require legalization/apostille include birth certificate, marriage certificate, graduation certificate, and business documents. B- In case of legalization of a local document in the United Arab Emirates for use outside the country:1- You must legalize the local document of the United Arab EmiratesDirectory of Foreign Affairs by the respective offices after fulfilling the conditions of legalization of each document.2- You must legalize the document certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates on the territory of the country, in which it is to be used by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates there.3- You must inquire with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the legalization was carried out by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in order to legalize the document so that it is valid for use on its territory.

To make sure you know the timeframe in which you are processing, US Authentication Services provides accurate estimates of embassy legalization completion times at various embassies, as we know how important it is to certify your documents in a timely manner. Customers rely on the professional staff of U.S. Authentication Services to retrieve or prepare documents to be submitted worldwide and ensure that they have no delays. For example, we can advise you on the high demand for document certificates for the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The UAE documentary certificate on personal documents such as a diploma is usually completed within 10-12 working days. Booming economies in the Middle East have led to a strong migration of individuals and companies seeking to open offices in countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. With multiple business partners and a high level of experience in document authentication worldwide, US Authentication Services can provide comprehensive services to certify personal and business documents through the embassy legalization process. However, if documents are used in countries that are not part of the Apostille Convention, further legalization steps may be required. In this case, the documents should also be legalized by the respective embassy. For example, a British birth certificate should be legalized to be used in the UAE via the apostille and also through stamping by the embassy. Stamps that send messages to documents are commonly referred to as certification.

1- You must legalize the document of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country “territory”. It`s worth noting that your State Department may require legalizations from other parties, so you need to consider this requirement. In many cases, we may also be able to assist with embassy certification for UK documents. Companies that wish to appoint distributors, establish a franchise, or enter into agreements with foreign persons or companies abroad must prepare their legal documents or be retrieved by state and federal authorities with the appropriate seals. US Authentication is able to assist you in this process by providing guidance on how to retrieve these documents, helping them obtain certification of the documents at the respective levels of government, and then filing them with the U.S. Department of State`s Office of Authentication in Washington DC. These steps must be performed correctly with the applicable seals before the embassy legalization process on these documents is initiated. By using our services, our clients reduce the time, hassle and headaches of the complex process and eliminate the risk of sitting still by performing any of these steps incorrectly. The document authentication and legalization process allows you to use your Canadian documents outside of Canada. It is a multi-step process of document preparation, document authentication, and document legalization.

At each step of the process, your documents will be reviewed and once approved, you can move on to the next step until they are completed. Legalization can be handled by the embassy or consulate of the foreign country where the document is ultimately used. In most cases, a notary and/or apostille is required before an embassy or consulate accepts a document for legalization. All documents from commercial law firms such as power of attorney/affidavit, board resolutions, certificate of incorporation, moA, AOA, etc., which must be certified by the respective chamber of commerce, followed by the MEA certificate/apostille. Depending on the country of travel, translation and legalization by the diplomatic mission abroad may be necessary. All non-educational or personal documents must be checked from the point of issue and certified by the State Department of the Interior/Public/Foreigners, followed by the MEA/apostille certificate.