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. Enrolment Guide 2020 (Newcomers and Returnees) FACULTY OF LAW GUIDELINES AND PROCEDURES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF REGISTRATIONSThe Faculty of Law currently offers LLB modules in the following study programmes: 1. LLB (4 years) – Bachelor2. LLB (3 years) – third cycle3. BComm (Law) (offered by the Faculty of Economics and Management)4. BAccLLB (with the Faculty of Economics and Management)5. BA (Law) (offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities)Due to teaching considerations and institutional restrictions, the Faculty of Law can only accept approximately 300 new students in the above programs per year. SELECTION PROCEDURE1. The closing date for all of the above programs is June 30. On that day, the results of the NBT tests submitted forselection as well as a score of 11 (or, if applicable, the results of Class 12) will not be available.2.

Shortlists, with the exception of those applying for the four-year LLB program, will be ranked according to their top-choice program and organized as shown below. SelectionLLB (4 years)To enroll the goal of 110 students, approximately 160 students are selected on merit, of which at least 50 are BCI students. LLB (3 years)To enroll the goal of 50 students, approximately 75 students are selected on merit, of which at least 25 are BCI students.1 ABachelor of Laws degree is considered an alternative degree that complements an LLB degree. It serves as the basis on which to build your knowledge of private law, constitutional law, customary law and the South African legal system. Write the NBT AQL before the end of June• On average at least 70% (without life guidance) in the NSC or IEB graduation certificate• English OR Afrikaans Language spoken at home 60%• Additional first language 40%If you want to take economics as a university subject, then also:• Mathematics 60%. FACULTY OF LAW – University of Stellenbosch. What sets us apart? To be admitted to the university, you will need:• a higher national certificate or a graduation certificate from the independent examination board, certified by Umalusi with admission to the bachelor`s program; or• A certificate of university exemption issued by the South African Matriculation Board to students with other academic qualifications. Admission to the bachelor`s program requires that you receive a grade of at least 4 (50-59%) in each of the four designated university entrance subjects.