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Your insolvency case may also involve litigation. Generally, you are allowed to represent yourself in a legal dispute before the insolvency court, but only lawyers, not insolvency applicants, can provide you with legal advice. The law firm Melissa Michel, LLC does not specifically advertise under a trade name in the state, but operates as Spring Legal Group. The New Jersey Supreme Court recognizes certifications in certain areas of legal practice. If an attorney claims certification as a specialist or expert in an area of law or practice and does not expressly state that such certification has been granted by the Supreme Court of New Jersey or by an organization approved by the American Bar Association, the user should understand that the claimed certification authority is not approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and the American Bar Association, or has been rejected. Association. New Mexico Spring Legal Group is a law that provides legal services to clients in the United States. Each identified partner is a) a limited partner of Spring Legal Group under a formal partnership agreement that each partner has entered into with Spring Legal Group, b) has access to all information about the clients it serves, c) has a close, regular and ongoing relationship with Spring Legal Group that goes beyond an individual or occasional case, and (d) oversees all facets of representation provided by legal and non-lawyer staff at Spring Legal Group`s head office. * You acknowledge that you are a party who may lawfully enter into a contract under applicable law. In other words, minors are not allowed to use the services of this site.

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Even past successes in very similar cases do not indicate that success in a later case is guaranteed or even likely. Past successes in similar areas cannot be a guarantee of future success, as each case must be decided separately. The results depend on a variety of factors that are unique to each factual situation. The law firm Melissa Michel, LLC does not specifically advertise under a trade name in the state, but operates as Spring Legal Group. The Iowa Supreme Court requires the following disclosure: Choosing an attorney and determining the need for legal counsel are extremely important decisions and should not be based on advertising or self-proclaimed expertise. Memberships and offices in legal fraternities and societies, technical and professional licenses, as well as memberships in scientific, technical and professional associations and law or practice societies do not mean that a lawyer is a “specialist” or “expert” in a particular area of law.