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With its “all of the above” approach to reducing piracy, ACE`s legal and operational toolkit includes criminal recommendations, litigation, and direct communication, among others. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is the leading global coalition dedicated to protecting the vibrant legal marketplace and reducing digital piracy. Driven by a comprehensive approach to combating piracy through criminal referrals, civil lawsuits and injunctive relief, ACE has successfully conducted numerous enforcement actions globally against illegal streaming services and unauthorized content sources and their operators. Drawing on the collective expertise and resources of all members, ACE is strengthened by the Motion Picture Association`s content protection activities to protect the creativity and innovation that drives the global growth of the copyright and entertainment industry. Current ACE board members are: Amazon, Apple TV+, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Sony Pictures Entertainment, ViacomCBS, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and Warner Bros. Charles Rivkin is president of ACE and the Motion Picture Association. Recent operations include an action carried out in coordination with ACE in March 2020 to dismantle an infrastructure for the distribution of illegal audiovisual content with more than 100,000,000 downloads via the “Mobdro” application. According to the police, the operation would have made an illegal profit of more than 15 million euros if it had continued. In June 2020, ACE cooperated with the national police, Europol and EUROJUST in another unprecedented operation that dismantled a network that illegally distributed audiovisual content. The illegal network served more than two million users worldwide.

Dealing with public administrations requires effective legal advice that ensures adequate defence of businesses and individuals in their dealings with government agencies. The purpose of this program is to prepare lawyers to work in Latin America or with Hispanic peoples in America. By combining legal education with the Latin American language and regional studies, the program enables students to develop professional skills directly applicable to the nations and populations of Latin America. Students in the program are able to choose from a number of Latin American subfields those that are most important to their career goals, while pursuing a law degree at the same time. “When we arrest people or remove illegal websites, we not only fight piracy, but we also protect jobs in Spain and around the world,” Rivkin said. “By preserving these jobs, we are allowing us to continue to make the movies and TV shows we love, and we continue to create an environment where consumers can enjoy their art and entertainment safely and legally.” Civil law is the cornerstone of the private law system and applies by default to all other areas of law. A fluent and thorough knowledge and mastery of civil law and case law is essential for appropriate legal assistance and resolution of client concerns. If you plan to develop and expand your career through more than one path in public or non-profit organisations, Suffolk`s unique MPA/MMOL dual degree is ideal for you.

Acquire a wide range of skills in public administration – an ideal foundation for public or nonprofit budgeting, collaborative public management, performance management, etc. – and complement them with an emphasis on management and organizational behaviour that teaches essential interpersonal skills for making a good impression and making successful connections in any organization. Strengthened by MPA`s content protection activities, ACE is the leading global anti-online piracy coalition dedicated to protecting the creativity and innovation that drives the growth of the copyright and entertainment industry. The School of Law and the Anderson Graduate School of Management offer a dual program leading to the Juris Doctor and Master of Accounting. As part of this program, the Faculty of Law accepts 6 hours of graduate credit from the Master of Accounting to JD. and Anderson Schools of Management accept 6 hours of graduate credit from the Faculty of Law for the M.ACCT. Diploma, courses subject to prior approval by the faculty advisor. Students pursuing this program must meet the admissions and other academic requirements of both schools. The Anderson School of Management accepts the LSAT instead of the GMAT if the student has previously been admitted to law school and has earned a “B” or better in both the MCAC admission requirements, MGMT 502 and 503 or equivalent. If you plan to start the co-op program, you should consult with the admissions officers of both schools as soon as possible.

Students interested in a dual J.D./M.ACCT degree should meet with their graduate program advisor to discuss course selection. Charles Rivkin, President and CEO of the MPA, accepts the highest law enforcement award given to a civilian to recognize the MPA`s efforts in the fight against digital piracy Each summer, Northwestern Law accepts a small group of transfer students for fall admission to our JD program. Suffolk University`s dual degree programmes offer you the opportunity to earn two degrees in less time and at a lower cost than pursuing both degrees consecutively. After graduation, you will have earned two different university degrees, giving you the competitive edge needed to land a high-level job in a broader field. Northwestern Law is one of the first law schools in the country to offer a two-year Young Girls program for internationally trained lawyers. Students admitted to the program receive one-year credit for their foreign law degree. The MPA and ACE have been working with the Spanish National Police for several years to carry out important operations in Spain and around the world. For students who wish to gain more in-depth international experience after graduation or seek work abroad, Northwestern Law offers two international dual degree programs, the JD-LLM in International Business Law in Madrid and the JD Master in Business Law in Paris.