Municipal Law Courses Ontario

Correspondence Offer – Registration opens from July 2 to August 7 for the fall semester correspondence courses, which will take place from September to December 2020. Space guaranteed for those who register no later than August 7. Once your online registration has been processed, you will immediately receive a notification of your payment transaction. You will then receive a confirmation email within seven (7) business days with the link to the material and details of your specific course. In-class offer – Now available with Zoom Meetings in 2020. Please scroll down for exact details and to register. After receiving instant confirmation of your online registration transaction, the instructor will distribute the specific agenda and materials one week before the first hour of each session. If your community is interested in offering this certificate program in a classroom, you should bring the MLP units in-house. Contact Jeanne Moon, Programs and Services Coordinator. Students who are actively enrolled in cohort programs and who take longer than the expected duration of the program to complete their studies are responsible for completing new or additional courses that may arise due to changes in the program of study. Unless otherwise specified, students enrolled in non-cohort programs must complete the program of study within seven years of admission to the program. Currently, I am the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Orthopedics at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

I graduated from York University with a degree in Political Science in 1995. As the mother of an 18-year-old daughter who is now attending York University herself, I decided I needed a career change. Talking to a close and dear friend, he suggested I consider prosecution as he thought it would fit my personality very well. After investigating, I enrolled in Humber College`s bylaw program. When I started this journey and didn`t go to school for almost 20 years, I was thrilled to realize that my experience was phenomenal. My instructors Steven Duggan, Harvey Gorewicz and my mentor Melinda Fartsalas have all played an important role in my career goal. It was mainly Melinda`s motivation and positivity that gave me the confidence and determination to complete the program. I will pursue my goal of becoming an enforcement officer by taking the MLEO and OAPSO courses in the spring of 2017.

I am particularly excited and proud to complete the bylaw program with distinction with my class. This four-part program allows students to gain a general understanding of municipal legal issues and how far to go before seeking professional advice. A certificate of completion is awarded as soon as you have successfully completed each MLP unit. While it is recommended that you sign up to take one unit at a time, we leave the decision to the individual. You are the best person to determine if you can commit to the program and schedule for more than one unit in the same semester. Successful completion of the four units in three years is one of the four elements of the AMCTO Diploma in Local Government (DMA). Each year, the AMCTO awards an award of excellence to the student who achieves the highest cumulative score after completing all four units of this program. I started my career in law enforcement years ago as a longgrass and weed inspector in a community. The only qualification required for the position was post-secondary training in law enforcement, either completed or currently registered.

As this was a summer position, many of the duties of this position were simplified versions of the documents and tasks required in the ownership standards. I did not have much experience or knowledge on how to deal with provincial crimes because police foundations only covered the subject marginally. Fortunately, ministry enforcement officers advised me to enrol in Humber College`s By-law Certificate Program if I really wanted to pursue a career in the field.